Saturday, November 10, 2012


This is where information regarding the musickal project NOVUM will be collated.
Novum is the experimental solo effort of one Sean Barry (with some assistance by Andi Diluvian of BOUGH)
This is, so far, an attempt to design very ambient and evocative sound realms.
The Shruti Box, a type of Indian drone-accordion, was used heavily and formed the basis of much of this current work. The recording of an improvised performance on that instrument last Christmas Eve of 2011 germinated this whole thing.

This first release thus far is entitled Devotionals and it can be downloaded for free here.
There is also a Bandcamp site for this project as well where all of the current and future recordings will be easily listenable and/or procurable. 
There will perhaps be physical copies of Devotionals and other releases in the future (tapes, CD-Rs, whoknows) but until further decisions, fates & funds allow they will exist as digital downloads only. 
These downloads are and always will be free.
Despite this, should you feel generous enough to make any modest contribution to the continuation of these explorations, the bandcamp site will tell you what to do.
I will continue to post material as it materializes.
Thank you for listening.

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